Plant Friendly

Healthy root growth is evident in plants grown in Charcoball. Let’s see why.
Charcoball is a composite material made of charcoal and ceramics (ceramic C structure). This structure allows for an increasing the ability to hold moisture and nutrients, at the same time allowing increases breathability, water retention capabilities, and permeability. Thus, this potting material has advanced functions.

Grows Various Plants

Charcoball alone can grow various plants.


The charcoal ingredient in Charcoball contains natural minerals (primarily calcium and magnesium) that help plant growth.


100cc of Charcoball can absorb approximately 36cc of water.


Charcoball is a porous composite material with many minute granular holes that provide excellent permeability.

Relative Density

The relative density of Charcoball is approximately 0.6. More specifically, 166cc weighs 100g, which is rather light to produce. This relative density is related to water retention and permeability.