Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Name IMPACK Corporation
Head Office 1-11-13 Nagai, Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo 207-0014 Japan
TEL +81-(0)42-564-1711 FAX +81-(0)42-565-1090
TEL 042-564-1711 FAX 042-565-1090
Founded April 1936
Established November 27, 1968
Capital 50 million yen
Description of Business Planning, manufacturing, marketing, and import and export of flower packaging materials/equipment and cut flower/gardening-related materials.
Planning, design & production of manufacturing lines, marketing import and export, and maintenance of fresh flower processing plants/packing houses.
Planning, manufacturing, marketing, and the import and export business of foodstuff packing materials/equipment.
Shops Peter Rabbit Flowers
2-11-14 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
Flower Republic
Inside the Marufuji Higashikurume Branch Store
5-3-21 Higashikurume-shi, Tokyo 203-0052 Japan
  • Spirit of foundation
    IMPACK pride itself in it’s pioneering spirit and is nearby to face any challenge.

  • Mission
    We are FlowerPeople
    IMPACK strives to **** lives through flowers.

  • Vision
    IMPACK Corporation strives to develop, suggest and offer merchandise and services that contribute to increased flower appreciation .We demonstrate our confidence in solid processes throughout the floral industry.


We are Flower People って?

“We are Flower People“とは、花や園芸の世界に立ち位置を置く、インパックという企業のかかげるスローガンです。

欧米では、食品・食料に関わる人間は自分たちの事を“FOOD MAN”というそうです。それは、食品業界の人間にとって、「俺たちは人の命を守る人間だ」ということと同義であり、食品を通して人の命を守ろうとする使命感を表すものです。


インパックにとって“We Are Flower People“は「人の命」を守る大事な言葉であり、インパックという企業の社会に対する姿勢を表すものでもあるのです。