Product Story

The Shimanto River Method Purification System existed when Charcoball development began. As carbon was used in the Shimanto River Purification System, various studies were undertaken on the use of charcoal in carbon purification systems. The chemical absorption quality of charcoal made from coniferous wood including cedar and cypress was found to be better than that of high-grade charcoal produced from traditional Japanese white charcoal. When charcoal was coated with a variety of products to enhance its high absorption quality, the good combination of ceramics and charcoal was found effective in absorbing a variety of substances. The coating of charcoal with ceramics allows Charcoball to be used repeatedly.

In addition, efforts were made to lighten its weight and to make it easy to carry, the change in relative density brought about the discovery of an unexpected function: a diverse array of plants would able to be grown solely in Charcoball.

This is how Charcoball came into being.